The aim of the SAMS program is to consolidate France’s leadership in the fields of the human microbiome and sustainable food systems. Its ambition is to broaden the research community in order to:

  • Take up scientific challenges;
  • Accelerate major scientific advances;
  • Develop breakthrough technologies that will benefit all French players;
  • Help design and evaluate public policies;
  • Disseminate the knowledge acquired;
  • Train professionals, decision-makers and the general public to adopt behaviours that promote good health;
  • Create a European network of microbiome research and technology centres.

To achieve this French leadership, original and innovative projects in fundamental, translational and interventional research, as well as in citizen sciences, will be funded via:

  • Nine “targeted” projects coordinating and strengthening technology platforms and aiming to harmonise certain practices at national level;
  • Collaborative projects selected through a call for “generic” projects;
  • “Chairs” projects via a call for projects to strengthen consortia of scientists;
  • Citizen science projects.