Pre-analytics harmonization platform


Responsible for the project: Hélène ESPEROU
Coordinating institution: Inserm Headquarters

Key words

Biological collections
Standard operating procedures

Key data
  • Total Cost: € 3.31 million
  • Strating date: 02/05/2024
  • Duration: 4.5 years
  • Reference: ANR-24-PESA-0004

• Overall objective:

The harmonisation of pre-analytical treatment processes (sample collection, storage and extraction of molecules, preparation for subsequent analysis, etc.) is part of a continuous improvement process aimed at making data from studies within the same project or from different projects comparable and at improving the re-use of biological samples and research data.

In this context, the PREANALYTICS project aims to 1) list the biological collections of microbiota and their conservation characteristics in order to 2) provide access to a standardised, uniform and interoperable sampling process for any researcher in France carrying out microbiome studies; 3) provide continuous visibility on the availability of biological collections; 4) establish common rules of good practice to improve pre-analytical processes and ultimately facilitate the use of samples by researchers.

• Scientific and societal challenges:

The scientific challenges are to establish a bank of human microbiome samples and a national network of microbiome expert centres to provide access to samples processed and stored according to shared best practice.
As with any scientific research project, the challenge for society is to improve our knowledge, in this case of health, and in particular of the microbiota, whose importance in an increasing number of pathophysiological mechanisms is being recognised.

• Project focuses:
Axis 1: Structuring the network of biological resource centers for microbiome;
Axis 2: Providing logistics support of preanalytics harmonization platform.